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An Unlikely Apple Picking Lesson

We all look forward to apple picking season. Most of us have developed a family tradition of going to our favorite orchard to pick North Fork apples. Typically, we go

to Lewin Farm in Calverton because this is where Marty went apple picking as a child.

This past weekend we happened to be enjoying breakfast at Main Road Biscuit in Jamesport. On a whim we drove down Manor Lane and stopped at Woodside Orchard.

When we arrived we noticed a sign apologizing for the limited supply of apples to pick due to a bad crop. But promising that there were bins of apples to pick from to fill your bag.

I'm going to express an unpopular opinion here, but maybe you agree with me. Picking apples is not so much about picking the best, unblemished apples from the tree. Because let's be honest, kids pick the not so pretty ones anyway. But the apple picking experience is more about enjoying time as a family. And although we only got a couple of "good" apples off the tree my kids learned a few lessons that day. 1. Things don't always go as planned. 2. We don't always get what we want. 3. It's important to support farmers, working hard to grow our food.

I believe this last lesson is a crucial one. As the North Fork, and many places in general change with the times. It's important to recognize, celebrate and support those who carry on the work of farming. The ability to buy local produce is something I cherish. And it's very easy for kids and some adults to walk into a grocery store and forget where their food actually comes from.

So, even though we may not have had the picking experience you see in the movies we celebrated tradition, we supported local farmers, and WE HAD FUN!

I hope you all enjoy your apple picking experience! (Whatever that may be.) Keep making beautiful memories on the North Fork because that's what it's all about.

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