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I was so wrong...

Friends, I did not have high expectations for Jerry and the Mermaid in Riverhead.

I totally judged this restaurant on the fact that the last time I was there I was preoccupied with downing Malibu Bay Breezes (remember those?!) It was 9 years ago, my bachelorette party and that night ended in a tipsy karaoke blur. I didn't even eat there.

But once again you guys were right, this place although seemingly just a bar, has excellent food. Get the famous wings, they are famous for a reason. Jerry and the Mermaid is great day time family restaurant. I would definitely recommend heading there after a trip to the Long Island Aquarium. It's right across the street.

Pro-tip: ask to be seated in Rayme’s section. Best waiter I’ve had in a long while and you know we eat out a lot!

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