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Latin Fuzion - Southold Hidden Gem

“What do you want to eat?

I dunno, what do YOU want to eat?”

Raise your hand if you’ve had this conversation?!

I’m here to solve this age old debate. You can now add this Southold hidden gem to your take-out rotation!

As the daughter of a Cuban immigrant, who owned a company selling restaurant supplies, I was privy to a variety of hispanic food growing up. So you could say, I'm a tough critic when it comes to eating food with Latin flavors.

Latin Fuzion restaurant has a diverse menu of latin flavors (with a twist) along with easy favorites like salads and wraps. If you are looking for authentic dishes you may be a bit disappointed. But if you are looking for really great tasting food, there is something for everyone (even kids or the more plain eater). Dishes were incredibly fresh. I enjoyed the different takes on authentic dishes. Like Shucos, a typical Guatemalan dish made with fresh chorizo and steak instead of the traditional hot dog.

The location in central Southold has easy parking. The restaurant is small but kid friendly. If you want to brave the cold they have a couple of cafe tables outside. But in my opinion, this is the ideal take out spot. With fantastic hours (11am-9pm most days, Closed on Thursday) You can pick up lunch or opt for a Latin inspired dinner.

I had a chance to meet Vicky, one of the owners, in the husband and wife team. As a North Fork resident her understanding of the community runs deep. Her food is a reflection of her desire to feed her patrons food made with love.

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